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Andy's Fishing Wild Cook

Andy's Bio

Who is Andy?

I have a real passion for Adventure and Exploring Wild places.

I grew up in a small coastal town called Airlie Beach in North QLD, Australia.  My free time was spend exploring creeks, beaches and the hills around me.  I didn't have a father figure in my life so I became very resilient at a young age and taught myself many bush and life skills.

At the age of about 12, I made my first couple of black and white films.  (Yes colour tv was everywhere, but I only had a B&W camera.)  My brother and I would make small movie sets and film miniature disasters, to a captivated an audience of one, our mother.

Over the years growing up, I and my mother had many challenges, so far they have made us both stronger.  I couldn't have asked for a better role model in life, she is kind, generous and strong willed.


Expressing myself through video making was always something I tinkered with, all through high school and into University, although back then it was not part of any classes or programs and all done from home.


It was my mothers adventurous spirit that formed me into the film maker / Youtube Vlogger / capable outdoorsman I am today.  A single mother that would take one or two of her sons on trips around Australia in a 4x4 and camper trailer as well as flying over seas to expand our cultural experiences.  Mind you, if she had her way, I would be making horror movies staring enlarged lizard monsters.  I will leave that, to the Hollywood producers!

I started my Youtube career in 2013.  In the first year I gained 1500 Subs.  Then in 2014 my channel grew to 6000 Subs.... until today!

Making videos and getting those shots that no one else has is an ongoing passion and a challenge I like to give myself.

My history in pictures


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Kindy Andy

Mum has a very cute story about this day!

It ends with me saying "Hit tree, hit tree" and me grinning from ear to eat.

Primary School Andy

I was always outside and trying to catch fish, even on holiday in NZ.  I must return.

High School Andy

It was the 80's

And this is one of my better photo's, enough said...

Coming Soon

University Andy

I still use my Engineering degree in my film making.

Coming Soon

One of my very best freinds

You are still remembered my special friend

wild remote beach from pla
No reward without risk

Another passion of mine is flying, do it any way you can!


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