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Spearfishing Stingray Catch & Cook

I walked to a pristine clear saltwater creek with my spear and Drifta bag of goodies with the goal of spear fishing a Stingray and cooking it up right on the beach.

A cow tail ray gliding over some mangrove roots

Spearfishing for Stingrays is actually very easy as long as you can see them. I prefer to only kill one stingray every other month as they are slow growing and endangered in many other parts of the world. Here they are very common still.

The creek mouth proved not to have any Stingrays what so ever, much to my surprise, so I ventured out on the coastal sand flat behind me.

The water was cool but not cold and clear at short distances. The clouds made it somewhat difficult to see into the water, but the also afforded me a little camouflage, which is always welcome when spearing anything. . .

Work in Progress, come back soon.

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